Songwriting Blog #1

When I graduated college, a family member asked me: now that you’re a writer, will you write songs for musicians like Taylor Swift?

To be clear, I graduated with a degree in journalism.

Perhaps the more hilarious thing is that I could simply get a job writing anything for Taylor Swift now that I had a degree, but it was astonishing to me that anyone would think writing stupid little blog posts like this one is at all the same as composing a melody and lyrics for a pop song.

I told my relative I don’t have the poetry in me. Certainly there are some lyricists who have had success with poetry and prose. But it still doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of what songwriting is like.

I’ve played guitar for a little over four years now, and in that time I’ve come up with at least a dozen miniature song snippets, noodling around until I find a riff or a chord progression I think sounds neat. Occasionally I’ve been able to hum or whistle out a melody and then attempted to figure out what the hell those notes are and why they work, if at all.

The hard part is finishing and following through on any of those promises of a song. That’s where these blog posts come in. Continue reading “Songwriting Blog #1”